Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Atlanta Trip to Apparel Mart

Well.....the count down is on!   trendy Lime Boutique has ordered all kinds of great modern vintage clothing, scarves and accessories for the new shoppe!!
We visited so many great vendors and people in Atlanta, Ga!   Brian, Judith, Nikki, Caroline and the Perez brothers!  That's a shoot out to ya'll!  That's me getting my Southern Drawl out, hehe!

The new address is 650 Springhill Drive, Terre Haute, Indiana!!    

We are planning on a Grand Opening March 1st!

Painted 2 walls and have 2 more, dressing rooms and displays to do!

Liz found a great iron headboard for display in Clarksville, TN! 
                 And chairs to do THIS!
Sorry for the blurry IPhone pic.....but this is perfect for the New Boutique!

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